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Joey Is Now On The Ballot

Our campaign is pleased to announce that we are officially on the ballot! Here is a message from Joey:

“This is an exciting moment for our campaign. We are now officially on the ballot for the 79th district!

I could take a lot of time and write about the road that led us to this moment, but I think instead I will just say thank you. From the bottom of my heart, from every member of our amazing team, thank you. For every door you have already knocked, every phone call you have already made; for yourgenerous donations, for all of the time spent volunteering, for your emotional investments in this campaign, thank you.

The best part of this moment is that it is only the beginning. There is a long road ahead of us, but I truly believe that if we keep fighting, we will win. Because this campaign is so much more than a name on a ballot. It is a movement for change, to bring community values to Lansing, and to make the 79th District and the state of Michigan work for everyone who lives here, not just the wealthy and powerful few.

Will you come join our movement for change? Everyone has a role, and we need your help. Help us celebrate this milestone! Share this website and donation link with your friends in the 79th!

You can Donate by clicking the button below!