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Thank you to all of our amazing supporters for getting us through the primary! Here’s a message from Joey:

We did it. We won. Thank you.

From everyone on our team, thank you for your support and hard work. We won tonight because of you; every door knocked, every phone dialed, every dollar raised, we did it with your help. We won because our campaign prioritizes people, building a platform for their success, and siding with them over profiteers, politicians, and corporations. We did it because building a better life for ALL of us is the lifeblood of this campaign; our community has spoken, and they resoundingly agree.

So again, thank you. For your vote of confidence in this campaign and movement. I am honored to be chosen to fight to represent you, because this isn’t about me, it’s about all of us. And I believe that if we work together, a future with healthcare for all, justice for all, and greater freedom is coming. A future where your skin color, sexual orientation, gender identity, level of income, level of ability, or immigration status doesn’t determine your value as a person, your humanity grants you that value.

When we fight, we win. I can’t wait to represent you. Let’s give them hell this fall.